Purebred (Upgraded) Boers

In the earlier years of operation, when stud numbers were still being built up, up to 200 Rangeland and several Boer X Dairy (Swiss types) does were run in a fairly commercial situation. These does were mated only to registered fullblood Boer bucks. Each year, the best doe progeny were registered, so that a Boer upgrade program was developed over the generations. The male progeny of the upgraded goats were sold as meat wethers, thus providing the owners of the stud with a good understanding of the workings of the meat goat industry.

Once the fourth cross generation was reached, the better quality does were registered as purebreds (never fullbloods). Their progeny are also purebreds, with each generation inheriting a higher percentage of Boer genetics. The stud still runs a small selection of quality purebred (registered) Boers, both standard and red types.

Dry seasons over the past few years have led to an overall reduction in goat numbers. Subsequently, the stud now concentrates on running less goats of higher individual value. The portion of the operation that focused on producing goats purely for meat, has been downsized. However, Yarrabee remains an excellent source of meaty Boer bucks for small and large scale meat goat producers.

Polled Upgraded Boer Goats