Fullblood Red Boers

Over the years, a few red Boers, originally bred from the stud’s standard Boers, were retained. A half red doe, bred in 1998 and by the influential standard sire, UQG FR 6128, became the foundation doe for breeding the stud’s red line of goats.

An exceptional Yarrabee red buck was mated to the foundation doe and her red type descendants and cousins, to breed some solid red progeny in 2004 and 2005. Subsequently, these red progeny, along with some bought in red does of Kurrajong bloodlines, were mated to red bucks. The sires included both Red Boers and Kalahari Reds, to produce greater numbers of red kids from 2006 onwards.

Now in the 21st year of serious “red” breeding alongside the standards, Yarrabee maintains a select group of approximately 40 registered red does.  These are prolific producers and exceptional mothers.  Approximately 80 to 100 Red Boer kids are produced annually.