Polled (Upgraded) Boer Goats

Amongst the original Boer cross does purchased, there was one naturally polled (hornless) Boer X Saanen (first cross) doe. This doe exhibited excellent mothering ability, and high milk production. Some polled descendants of this doe have been retained, so that there is now a small number of polled purebred Boer does in the flock. The sires mated to the polled does, have always been registered fullblood Boer bucks. (Usually, 50% of the progeny of horned bucks mated to polled does are polled).

The polled gene has been retained in the flock for two reasons: personal interest in the polled factor in meat goats; and preparation for the time when there may be a market for polled meat goat genetics.

The advantages of polled goats include an inability to trap horns in fences and in other goats’ horns, and less damage to other goats from aggressive behaviour. Disadvantages include a lack of “handle bars” for catching for husbandry operations and perhaps (in certain situations), less ability to defend against predators.

The first red polled purebreds were born in 2006. Both the standard and red descendants of the original doe, exhibit strong maternal traits and produce plenty of milk, without an excess supply. The Yarrabee polled goats are a sleek, easy care type of upgraded Boer goat.