Yarrabee Goats – Genetics

The Stud has been operating since early 1998, and has sourced a range of fullblood Boer genetics, both standard and red bloodlines.

The genetics of the goats now include descendants of Boers from several Australian studs and international sources. These include:

  • New Zealand genetics (African Goat Flocks and Landcorp)
  • South African studs of Nico Botha, Boetie Malan, Bart Jordaan and Lukas Burger
  • SAABCO (a South African and Australian breeding partnership)

In order of acquisition of genetics, the Australian studs include:

  • Terraweena (SA)
  • University of Qld – Gatton
  • Kurrajong (Qld)
  • Harfield (WA)
  • Highveld (NSW)
  • Isis Reds (Qld – red genetics)
  • River Rocks (Qld – Farmworld genetics)
  • Burnham Farm (Qld)
  • Terrabella (Qld – Kurrajong standard and red genetics)
  • Farmworld (Qld – standard and red genetics via frozen semen)
  • Kane (Qld – red genetics)
  • Barooka (Qld)

The breeding stock, are carefully selected for soundness and correct conformation, hardiness, maternal traits, and ability to produce fast growing, well muscled offspring.

Originally, the majority of the goats bred at Yarrabee, were standard fullblood Boers, bred from a select range of bloodlines over a decade, to produce a unique “Yarrabee” Boer. Since 2003, Red Boers have been included in the breeding program. Currently, 70% of the breeding flock consists of red genetics (these include Kalahari Red genetics, sourced in 2006). Consistency of type, but variation of bloodline, ensures that repeat buyers are able to obtain goats, if they prefer, genetically different to their initial purchases.

While the “red” stud sector has been expanded, the purebred (registered, upgraded Boers) sector of the stud has been downsized considerably over the past few years