Fullblood Standard Boers

The original stud breeding stock at Yarrabee Boer Goat Stud, consisted of standard fullblood Boer goats. While the genetics of the stud has been outlined, certain standard bucks, which have had a significant impact on the stud, deserve a mention. These include:

  • Nico Botha bred “Macho” (UQG FR 6128)
  • Kurrajong bred “Bingo” (KHB FS 1037)
  • Boetie Malan bred “Addo” (BOK FS 7006), “Knysna” (BOK FS 7024), and “Tex” (BOK FS 7031)
  • Harfield bred “Royal” (K7D FU 927)
  • Yarrabee bred “Lion” (YRB FV O376)
  • Highveld bred “Baron” (HVD FW 0022) and “Blaze” (HVD FY 3303)
  • Burnham Farm bred “Warlo” (BFG FY 316)
  • Yarrabee bred “Warrior” (YRB FB 6556) and “Resilience” (YRB FB 6457)

These bucks have contributed to the breeding of a unique type of Boer doe – feminine and productive, and with good mothering ability and udder structure.

Two examples of foundation does which have bred some excellent descendants include:

  • SAABCO bred doe (SAB FS 046)
  • Terraweena bred (embryo) doe (YRB FY 3909)

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